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Mother Mouse, Book 1
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Mother Mouse/Thanksgiving
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Looking For Agent


Author with her 4 Mother Mouse books.

Author with her 5 Sammy & Robert books.

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Sammy & Robert are children's stories. Sammy is a big gray squirrel. Robert is a small red one. The 1st story talks about all their differences and that no matter how different they are, they are the best of friends. It ends with them packing up a few things to go out and explore the world together.
The 2nd book has two stories: Visiting A Farm & Visiting A Zoo, where they learn about each. The 3rd book has 3 stories where they visit and learn about a beach, the ocean, and crustaceans & mollusks. The 4th book has 3 stories where they learn about amphibians & reptiles, birds, and insects. In the 5th book there will be 2 stories in which they return home and celebrate Thanksgiving. In the 6th book there will be 1 longer story about celebrating Christmas.

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Sammy & Robert Go Home For The Holiday - Book 5
ISBN#978-1-4560-5702-2 - Has 2 stories By Darcie Mae

Sammy & Robert Discover The Ocean - Book 3
ISBN# 978-1-61546-827-0 - Has 3 stories By Darcie Mae

3 More Fun Adventures With Sammy & Robert, Book 4
ISBN#978-1-4512-8648-9 and ISBN#978-1-4560-1733-0


Book 6:
Sammy & Robert Have A Special Christmas Day

Sammy & Robert Book 1 (1 story) ISBN#1-60474811-7
Available in ISBN# 978-1-4512-3383-4 (1/2 the price.)

Sammy & Roberts Animal Adventures Book 2(2stories)
2 styles: ISBN# 1-60703-987-7 & ISBN# 978-1-4512-6544-6 ( 1/2 the price)

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The author & illustrator: Darcie Mae

9/11 is why, I, Darcie Mae, decided I had to write fun and educational stories for children:

The message I am trying to send is clearly stated in my quote: "Words can change a life. Make a good change. Read a child a book."

On 9/11, when the towers went down, I was living in the woods in a log cabin and did not know what was going on in the world until someone came out to tell me. That night I listened to all the chaos happening in the world. The first thing that popped into my mind were all the children who were probably listening to it as well. I have always enjoyed putting pen to paper, keeping journals, writing poems, etc. But, it was that night I decided I wanted to take my writing seriously. I made up my mind I was going to write stories for children and I was going to write many. That is what I’ve done, and am doing. I have 100’s of stories done and there will be many more. I hope the stories I write keep children's minds and thoughts busy so they won’t have to pay attention to all the chaos happening in the world. When adults are afraid or worried, children are as well, whether we want them to be or not. I want my stories to keep kids minds busy thinking about what their reading, and thinking about the next story or book they want to read. There is enough time for worrying about world troubles when they get older.

I am also one who thinks a family reading night would great. That is why I am putting The Peably series of stories on my website free to read, and offering a couple coloring pictures free to print and color. I put a new story, and 2 new coloring pictures up each week, usually Sunday. Any night of the week, get out some fruit juice or hot cocoa, make some popcorn or get a snack, print out the new story, print out the coloring pictures and make copies if needed, get out the crayons, colored pencils, and makers, and most importantly, get the family together. Have the same person read each time or take turns reading. Have fun. I guarantee after a while you all will be waiting anxiously to see what the next story will be.

Darcie Mae


Quote By Darcie Mae: "Words can change a life. Make a good change. Read a child a book."

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